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Day Zero: Here we go then

I’m writing this before we go into hospital. I think I may be a bit distracted from here on in. First of all, I just wanted to say a huge “Thank You” to all of you. Writing the blog has been mostly theraputic for me, and it’s been absolutely amazing to have so many positive…

2 Days: Close but not close enough

Two days! It feels like the last few weeks have flown by, while it also feels like we’ve been in this limbo-state forever. But two days! Not much longer now. This really does feel bizarre. I can’t wait for something that I really don’t want to arrive. The last time I felt like this was…

1 Day: Recap

When I started writing this part of my blog, I’d intended it to be a journal of how the whole thing went down – for other people in a similar position to read. I think it took a bit of a left turn somewhere along the way, but here we are. So now I need…

3 Days: Preparation

Not long to go now, so naturally my thoughts have started to turn to practicalities. First on the list is planning the music for my funeral obviously. While I think I’ve got that sorted, I’m finding it impossible to write anything profound for the event. I can’t even bring myself to arrange for an amazing…


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